Đời đẹp không thể thiếu tình mẹ

On the tiring journey of a businessman, there is always the figure of a mother with silent worries

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

It sounds so luxurious but it doesn't end with hardship

That every step you take must be faster to start the wave

With a very resilient heart

As courageous warriors in the marketplace, who inspire young people and with kind hearts, besides that, entrepreneurs are also busy people with the responsibility of taking on the burden of businesses, forcing them to She has to sacrifice her personal love. Not only for the mother but also for the family, the children are not perfect.


If I could choose a different profession again

To help my mother ease her worries during long nights of thinking

Those feelings are always hidden very carefully. But in my thoughts with my mother, everything suddenly broke down. Not a word is said about tears, but we can see the angry tears of businessmen: 

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

Pick up your child from school every day. Do you have a meal?

Children sleep without their mother's hands

Family stove on cold winter nights

Lack of pink light when you have to go far away.

Mother's Day is an appropriate occasion for each of us to share our deepest feelings, the gains and losses of a business life.

I still choose the profession of walking in the middle of storms

Watching for danger, rowing out to the ocean

But I believe tomorrow will be sunny

Because my hometown has a love.

Mom has always been there, throughout my childhood, adolescence and even my difficult years of adulthood. Mother has always been there, sowing seeds, protecting, nurturing, fostering...

Now that I have a successful and ambitious life, looking back at the woman I love so much, I realize that my mother is still beautiful - the simple beauty that has united our family so strongly!

On Mother's Day May 8, give your mother the most loving things: Wishing all mothers good health and happiness.

As your child, I cannot be without you in this life!


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