Top 4 khách sạn, resort tốt nhất Bảo Lộc năm 2023

Along with Da Lat, Bao Loc city is one of the two largest central cities of Lam Dong province. Traveling to Bao Loc will bring you interesting experiences with misty landscapes and a cool, pleasant space. Let's find out the Top 4 Best hotels and resorts in Bao Loc You should visit in 2023 when traveling to Bao Loc.

Tea Resort Doi Dep Bao Loc

Located among the green tea and coffee hills, Tea Resort is one of the best hotels and resorts in Bao Loc with modern architecture combining Vietnamese culture and Northern European villages to bring to you. and family exciting and unforgettable experiences. There are also many diverse services and activities such as: Beach on the plateau, 5-storey waterfall, infinity pool, tea ceremony area, spa... Tea Resort has full amenities for a cozy and relaxing vacation. peaceful.

khách sạn, resort tốt nhất Bảo Lộc

Besides, with a spacious green campus of up to 16 hectares, you can comfortably walk in the campus surrounding the VIP villas. Sophisticated in decorative design & garden landscape in addition to top quality service, Tea Resort completely differentiates itself from any other resort in Vietnam.

Tea Villa Doi Dep – One of the best hotels and resorts in Bao Loc

Located in the heart of Bao Loc city, Tea Villa Doi Dep is designed with separate rooms creating privacy with a cool green space with many trees. The area of each room will fluctuate around 50m2, delicately designed with wooden bars creating a creative and unique space.

khách sạn, resort tốt nhất Bảo Lộc

Tea Villa Doi Dep has the same level of accommodation with restaurant, free private parking, campus and cafe, has family rooms and children's play area, provides 24/24 reception service, Airport shuttle service, room cleaning service and free Wifi. All rooms at Tea Villa Doi Dep are fully equipped with air conditioning, wardrobe, private bathroom, table and chairs, dressing table, especially with a view overlooking the green garden.

Tea Resort Bobla

When talking about the best hotels and resorts in Bao Loc, we cannot help but mention Tea Resort Bobla. Away from the dust and dust of the city and the tiredness and worries of life, visitors to the Tea Bobla Waterfall tourist area will enjoy the fresh green space of nature and immerse themselves in the most majestic beauty. Di Linh plateau - Bobla waterfall.

khách sạn, resort tốt nhất Bảo Lộc

The nature at Bobla waterfall is as beautiful as in a picture with a primeval forest that still preserves many ancient trees hundreds of years old and entertainment activities such as bird gardens, zoos, swimming pools, event areas, etc. Antique house... brings unique entertainment and resort experiences when traveling to Bao Loc.

Sandals Hotels

When you want to come to Bao Loc to relax and regain energy, you definitely cannot miss Sandals Hotel - the best hotel and resort in Bao Loc, chosen by many tourists as a place to rest because of its location. Convenient, easy to visit famous places and quality prices worthy of international class.

khách sạn, resort tốt nhất Bảo Lộc

With a luxurious space, full of modern equipment and a team of dedicated and polite staff, we guarantee you will never forget your time at the hotel.

The best hotels and resorts in Bao Loc mentioned above are certainly interesting places for tourists visiting this place. Hopefully this article will help you have the most perfect vacation in the city of tea.

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