5 Bước trong cách pha trà Ô Long truyền thống cho tách trà ngon nhất

Brew Oolong tea Traditionally follow 5 steps for the best cup of tea of the ancient Vietnamese people were not so sophisticated Japanese tea ceremony, Chinese turmeric tea, is not like the luxurious English afternoon tea, but like the Vietnamese soul, is a simple yet sophisticated way of making tea. Since ancient times, we Vietnamese people have invited each other to have a cup of tea not simply to drink tea to quench our thirst, but also to express a noble cultural style, a sincere wish for harmony, a wish for connection. Communicate intimately with the same feelings of the interlocutors.

   Trà nhân Đôi Dép


Because in order to express that noble spirit, the cup of tea handed over must maintain a clear yellow-green color, as if carrying the breath of heaven and earth, with an abundant aroma, and a bitter taste like the hard work of artisans and descendants. Tastes like the Vietnamese soul rich in love: sweet, cool, fresh.

Important factors in making delicious traditional Oolong tea 

Nhiệt độ quan trọng trong cách pha trà Ô Long truyền thống
Tea water:

Careful tea people often like to use water from ancient pagoda wells on rocky mountains, upstream spring water or water from dew on lotus leaves. In fact, if you live in an area with a fresh, cool climate, you can use well water or rain water to make tea.

In the city, most well water has a strong odor and contains chloroform, heavy metal ions, or trace elements in tap water... which will cause the tea to lose its flavor. Therefore, once you know the 5 steps in making traditional O Long tea, you can use Aquafina or purified water to make tea for guests.

Required temperature:

In the way to make delicious traditional Oolong tea, the water must have a temperature above 85 degrees Celsius, but depending on the type, it can be adjusted to 92 - 96 degrees Celsius. Please do not use water with insufficient temperature or thermos water. to brew because the tea will not be hot enough to fully release the flavor.

You can boil water to a full boil (100 degrees Celsius) and then wait for it to cool down. If you don't have an accurate thermometer, it's not necessary to cook it to the right temperature. Normally, the time when the water temperature has dropped to the required level is after the time to wash the tea and perform the operations of heating the cup.

Tea steeping time:

Ordinary Oolong tea sold on the market can be brewed 4-6 times. Particularly premium quality O Long Doi Dep can be mixed up to 8-10 times. You should measure the steeping time of tea from about 30 seconds to less than 1 minute.

Detailed steps to make Bao Loc traditional Oolong tea

Để ấm trà ngon nên dùng dụng cụ bằng sứ, đất nung hoặc gỗ

Step 1: Prepare a clean set of utensils. You should use a ceramic or earthen kettle, not a metal kettle.

Step 2: Use boiling water to sterilize the tea set, helping to avoid lowering the water temperature when brewing and preserving the tea flavor.

Step 3: After heating the utensil set (do not use your hands or metal spoon, you should use a bamboo or wooden tea spoon). The amount of tea to brew depends on taste, number of people drinking and type of teapot. Usually 12g/180ml of water, 7gr/100ml of water. Dry tea before brewing is about ⅖ or 1/3 of the way to the pot. When blooming, the pot must be tightly packed.

Step 4: Of the 5 steps to making traditional Oolong tea, this is the most meticulous step. You pour a little boiling water to cover the tea. Turn the kettle and pour out the water. This step helps the tea fibers to "awaken" when brewing traditional Oolong tea without being acrid. The operation must be done quickly. After pouring the first water, leave it for about 15 seconds for the tea to absorb the water. During this time, you should take advantage of the opportunity to wash the army cup and the song cup.

Step 5: Fill the teapot with boiling water and close the lid (you should overdo it a little). Continue pouring boiling water around the pot for 30 seconds to steep the tea for the first brew (fragrant water). Traditional Oolong tea steeping time should be kept at 20 to 30 seconds from the second brew onwards. And you can increase the time a little for the next time (can be adjusted depending on experience and taste).

Step 6: Pour the tea into a serving bowl (you should use a filter to remove tea residue, helping the water have a pure color). Then from the bowl, divide into many cups to invite everyone to enjoy tea.

Through each stage of steeping and transferring the tea, the water has reached the appropriate temperature (42 to 48 degrees Celsius) so you can enjoy the strong flavor of the tea without harming your tongue.

Important notes

Lưu ý trong 5 bước cách pha trà ô Long truyền thống

  • You should use a cup to empty the tea pot after each brew, but the next brew should still keep the dry tea remains in the pot (ensuring that the tea remains the same quality within 4 hours).
  • Do not steep the tea for too long as it will reduce the aroma, taste harshly and the tea will turn dark red.
  • After pouring the tea into the cup, opening the lid of the teapot is the secret to making traditional Oolong tea to avoid high temperatures causing the tea to continue to oxidize.

If you don't use all the boiling water, throw it away or let it cool and drink it like filtered water. You should not re-boil it to make tea because by then the water will be pale and no longer fresh, which will cause the tea to not be fully fragrant. Above are 5 steps in how to make traditional Vietnamese Oolong tea. Don't forget to follow doidep.com to update many tips on making tea, making coffee or traveling and relaxing in the Lam Dong area!

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