Đậm hương vị trà B’Lao xứ Bảo Lộc - Trà Đôi Dép

Bao Loc oolong tea is considered one of the typical products of the tea-fragrant land despite experiencing many historical ups and downs. From the ancient tea trees at the beginning of the country, to the vast tea fields of the midland region of Thai Nguyen or the red soil highlands... Vietnamese people, through historical ups and downs, have developed a strong "tea drinking culture". characteristics throughout the journey of exploration and development. 

Đậm hương vị trà B’Lao xứ Bảo Lộc - Trà Đôi Dép
Bold flavor of B'Lao tea from Bao Loc - Doi Dep Tea

Treasures in the "heavenly region"...

Tea ceremony fine tea leisure tea

Vietnamese Soul Hoa Hoa Tea is nurtured by communication

Fragrant charm radiates words of exchange

The smell of philosophy is sweet and poetic

Vietnamese tea drinking culture

According to historical records, the world has had tea civilizations such as China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. From a primitive drink, people brought legends into it from the form of preparation, enjoyment and philosophy of life. Vietnamese tea culture pervades every area of life because of its elegance, politeness, meaning, and love.

Văn hóa uống trà của người Việt Nam
Vietnamese tea drinking culture is not sophisticated but still full of artistry

Vietnamese tea culture is not the same Japanese tea ceremony, China. Vietnamese tea drinking culture flows like a stream from past to present and permeates the lives and souls of the people here. Tea has originated, been associated with and has strong vitality like the lives of people during the long process of 4000 years of history.. Tea style (tea drinking style) in Vietnam clearly shows the behavioral aspect of the people of the S-shaped land: The ancestors believed that tea making is an art, and art is not formulaic.

There were times when tea was used almost exclusively for the elite and wealthy classes. However, over time, tea becomes more and more familiar, rustic appears everywhere and there is no longer any class distinction. Although the Vietnamese tea culture has undergone many changes, the art of tea enjoyment still has its own beauty that reflects the personality and customs of the Vietnamese people.

Không gian thưởng Việt trà thức Đôi Dép
Space to enjoy Vietnamese tea and Doi Dep

Tea is considered a cultural feature because it is widely available. People can enjoy delicious cups of tea while confiding and chatting. For that reason, it can be seen that today tea always appears in the life of every family. Guests coming to the house are often offered a cup of tea, which is also the homeowner's way of showing warmth and warm welcome to distinguished guests. Inviting tea also shows respect for superiors, so during holidays and New Year, family reunions, weddings, and death anniversaries, people often give each other meaningful tea sets. In ancient tea customs, the way tea is offered also becomes a measure to evaluate the education and demeanor of the person offering tea. A cup of fragrant tea has become a measure of core values,

And now, tea has had an interaction, developed and "refreshed" to suit modern life. 

Bao Loc Oolong Tea

Bao Loc (Lam Dong) is located 120 km southwest of Da Lat, known as the "tea capital" because it possesses a cool climate, fertile land and the hard work and diligence of the people. local. This place has lush green tea hills stretching to the horizon.

Sản phẩm trà Ô Long Bảo Lộc của thương hiệu Đôi Dép
Bao Loc Oolong tea product of Doi Dep brand

In Bao Loc, there are 3 famous Oolong tea varieties: Kim Tuyen Oolong tea, Thuan Oolong tea and Tu Quy Oolong tea. Oolong Bao Loc is famous for growing at an altitude of 1,000m above sea level, with a mist-covered climate all year round, and fertile soil, suitable for the growth of tea plants. Along with that, the processing process goes through many stages: withering, roasting, stir-frying to kill yeast, bell-crushing, shaping, drying, etc. To get delicious Oolong tea, tea artisans must follow the process. Rigorous processing from harvesting to finished dried tea products. Therefore, Oo long tea grown in Bao Loc has a very fragrant and lasting scent, a warm taste, green or yellow-green juice, and green residue. It can be said that Bao Loc Oolong Tea products are as good as Oolong grown in the high mountains of Taiwan and China.

The flavor of Bao Loc Oolong tea has a gentle and lasting aroma, a warm taste but not too harsh. When drinking, you will feel the sweetness and long aftertaste without the acrid taste like regular teas. Somewhere in the scent of tea there is the smell of fragrant flowers and sweet fruits, the smell of young buds still wet with dew, it is a very beautiful and pure fragrance.

Bao Loc Oolong tea products from Doi Dep brand

Currently, along with owning raw material areas that are invested and developed, with standard farming processes, sophisticated processing processes, meticulous packaging and a widespread distribution system. DOIDEP – famous brand of Bao Loc land, which is considered the Oolong tea capital of Vietnam. Combined with the favors bestowed by nature, Doi Dep wishes to revive the quintessential values of the people and the red soil plateau of Lam Dong. Bao Loc Oolong tea products from Doi Dep brand can be mentioned as:

Vietnamese tea recipe

Vietnamese tea consciousness is the encapsulation of national identity in terms of character Polynomial and consciousness profound in the way Vietnamese people treat people. The Five Ways of Vietnamese Tea is the realization of the Vietnamese way of enjoying tea.

Sản phẩm trà Ô Long Bảo Lộc của thương hiệu Đôi Dép
Bao Loc Oolong tea product of Doi Dep brand
  • Moc consciousness: The most basic, simplest form of enjoying tea, anyone can enjoy tea anywhere, as long as there is tea. Wood consciousness symbolizes the majority and the purity of the Vietnamese people.
  • Literature: It is a sophisticated way of enjoying tea, requiring the tea drinker to have a certain understanding of tea and tea enjoyment. Literature symbolizes the aesthetics and sophistication of the Vietnamese people.
  • Consciousness: It is a way to enjoy royal tea for kings and royal families in the past. Today, tea ceremony is used in tea ceremonies of diplomatic nature and international relations to honor the cultural value of Vietnamese Tea.
  • Mindfulness: It is a contemplative form of tea enjoyment aimed at tranquility. Tea drinkers use their time to contemplate life to calm their mind and body and return to themselves. Mindfulness symbolizes purity in the Vietnamese soul.
  • Consciousness: Symbol of Vietnamese intelligence - A form of drinking tea accompanied by art viewing and reading.
  • Oolong Tea Slippers:

  • Sản phẩm trà Ô Long Bảo Lộc của thương hiệu Đôi Dép
    Bao Loc Oolong tea product of Doi Dep brand

Oolong Pure Taste: This is a product line of 1 shrimp and 3 leaves tea balls of the Kim Tuyen tea variety. The tea has an original, rustic flavor, a light scent like young rice, and a clear green-yellow tea color. This tea line is suitable for tea lovers who like to explore the rich flavors of tea.

Oolong Tinh Tuyen:  This is a product line of tea balls with 1 shrimp and 3 leaves of Kim Tuyen and Xuan Moi tea varieties. The tea has a green-yellow color, giving a fresh scent, lightly sweet and cool like jasmine, with a mild astringent aftertaste. This is a suitable tea line for those who are new to tea.

Oolong Nhat Vi: The product line is made from tea buds like Tu Quy, giving a rich, sharp scent like the scent of orchids. The tea has a sparkling golden color, the tea flavor is elegant but multi-layered and changes flexibly with each brew, the aftertaste is mildly astringent and the aftertaste is sweet in the throat. This product line is suitable for tea lovers who like to drink northern tea and green tea.

Pearl Oolong: The premium tea product line is made from Kim Tuyen tea buds harvested in the early spring. With a characteristic rich scent; the rich, aromatic aroma of milk nuggets, as sweet as the smell of ripe fruit. The tea is bright yellow; Full, velvety taste, refreshing aftertaste. Pearl flavor - a product line with colorful flavors suitable for tea lovers who like to use rich, rich tea but still like the delicate elegance.

Ngoc Thien Chi Tea - Essence of Doi Dep tea

Ngoc Thien Chi Tea lDoi Dep's premium Oolong tea collection is made from precious tea varieties that meet high standards of "fragrance, color, and taste", containing the essence of heaven and earth.

Sản phẩm trà Ô Long Bảo Lộc của thương hiệu Đôi Dép
Bao Loc Oolong tea product of Doi Dep brand

With a luxurious and sophisticated design, the product set is a harmonious combination of Fragrance - Color - Taste along with gifts bearing the signature Doi Dep and Ngoc Thien Chi Tea - the perfect choice for health gifts. sent to our partners, customers and loved ones.

A brand that brings a perfect experience in every moment of using products and services. Premium Bao Loc Doi Dep Oolong Tea with care and understanding helps customers feel comfortable to enjoy a beautiful, happy life. On the journey of "Building happiness - Building a beautiful life", Doi Dep constantly trains a team of skilled artisans, innovates and tests new methods with the philosophy: "Quality is the source of a soulmate companion." indispensable". 

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