Giải mã sức hút từ cà phê Đôi Dép chất lượng thượng hạng

To be able to produce high quality Doi Dep coffee products, it requires the best efforts of Doi Dep people - those who pursue their passion.

The process of creating Doi Dep coffee products

The process of growing and caring for Doi Dep coffee follows all techniques for each different coffee variety, and the selection stages are also very focused, so when cultivating Doi Dep coffee, it grows extremely well and produces many beans. , sesame seeds, quality and yield are extremely effective.


For example, for Robusta coffee, Doi Dep Coffee only selects the best Robusta beans from a small number of rare "ancient" Robusta trees, some of which are up to 20 years old.

"Old" Robusta varieties possess outstanding quality with high caffeine content and rich bitter taste.

In contrast to the small and modest appearance, the gene source retains its purity and original integrity. Doi Dep Coffee is proud of its tradition: Not affected by the yield race, not corrupted by biochemistry technology.


After being harvested, Doi Dep Coffee is stored in cool, hygienic conditions to avoid harmful agents such as dust and insects to keep the perfect quality intact in each bean.

Besides, the stages of separating seeds and roasting and drying are carried out in accordance with the process to produce high quality finished products. Doi Dep Coffee is pure coffee, not marinated with spices or other flavoring substances, so when you enjoy it, you can fully feel the pure flavor in each cup.

Finally, Doi Dep coffee places great emphasis on the brewing process, because this is also what customers care about the most. At Doi Dep coffee chain, customers can evaluate and give feedback in the most objective way.

Dispensing equipment that is regularly cleaned also contributes to bringing the purest flavor as well as ensuring the health of customers.

The unique roasting art of Doi Dep coffee

Coffee, after drying and peeling, must go through a rigorous testing process to select the most perfect coffee beans, then proceed with roasting.

The quality of Doi Dep coffee beans depends greatly on the knowledge and experience of the worker.


To be able to feel the most sublimation of flavor, the worker must flexibly switch between many modes such as light roast, medium roast, dark roast or fine-tune customization.

A good craftsman is someone who can skillfully apply experience and the 5 senses: Eyes can observe color, ears can listen to crisp sounds, nose can smell aroma and tongue can taste coffee to know When can I finish roasting?

That is also the art of creating a unique flavor for Doi Dep coffee that modern technology cannot match.

Our workers masterfully apply Turkish roasting technology, allowing experts to unleash their creativity and adjustments to create the most unique flavors of Doi Dep coffee.

Try Doi Dep coffee

To be able to try the taste of Doi Dep coffee requires expertise and sophistication of passion. Because it is possible to understand and feel the difference in flavor when mixing different types of coffee and different roasting modes, then the coffee will reach its best taste.

Great Doi Dep coffee must ensure enough smooth flavor, when drinking, you can feel the taste spreading in the mouth, stimulating the entire tongue, feeling a little sweet on the tip of the tongue, a little sour on the sides and a little bitter. Slightly astringent at the end of the tongue. After swallowing, you will feel a persistent sweet aftertaste in your throat.

The unique mixing formula for Doi Dep coffee

Want to create the quintessential flavor from the quintessential coffee beans, satisfying the diverse tastes of users. The workers of Doi Dep must understand the temperament of coffee, must understand it like a friend, must travel a lot, go to different lands to be able to find the perfect ratio for each characteristic flavor. And finally, how to make them blend together to fully sublimate together.


Customers are becoming more demanding and knowledgeable about coffee, so Doi Dep coffee's products are increasingly popular. Come to us to enjoy a cup of the highest quality coffee.


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