Doi Dep Tea has long become an "indispensable" drink for Bao Loc people in particular and Vietnamese people in general. This tea has a pure, elegant flavor that makes the drinker fascinated and ecstatic.

The raw material source of Tra Doi Dep originates from the large Kinglo growing area on the outskirts of Bao Loc city. 

Nguồn nguyên liệu của Trà Đôi Dép được khởi nguồn từ khu trồng Kinglo rộng lớn tại ngoại ô thành phố Bảo Lộc. 

Luckily, nature is blessed with a cool year-round climate, high humidity and fertile basalt red soil. This place gradually becomes the most important tea region in beautiful Vietnam.

Compared to many tea growing countries in the world such as Taiwan and China. Oolong Slipper Tea has a long-lasting aroma, a mildly astringent taste, and the quality is not inferior to anywhere else.

Tra Doi Dep is a combination of the perfection of heaven and earth with people who always love tea and brings an attractive, passionate flavor to those who are passionate about enjoying tea.

Cups of Double Slippers Tea have the purest flavor, we are proud of the process of growing and harvesting Tea Double Slippers in a traditional way. From Tra Doi Dep beds, only composted manure is used, not chemical fertilizers or pesticides, providing customers with safe products of the highest quality.

Trà Đôi Dép Oolong có hương thơm lâu dài, vị chát nhẹ nồng hậu, chất lượng không hề thua kém bất cứ nơi đâu.

Tra Doi Dep understands that if you gain in quantity, you cannot gain in quality. The best Doi Dep tea must be harvested in clear mornings, from diligent hands that caress each small bud, "one shrimp, two leaves", then pre-processed and removed leaves that do not meet standards, into The products launched are the most wonderful "Indispensable" Tea Doi Dep flavors.

Oolong Pearl Flavored Double Slipper Tea

Trà Đôi Dép Oolong Trân Vị

The tea leaves are selected through 3 rigorous rounds combined with modern Japanese color separation techniques. It can be said that "Among countless quintessence, one can still find the best". Oolong Pearl Flavor Double Slipper Tea is limited in quantity but: Small quantity but high quality, the best tea leaves are sifted from the best tea leaves.

One Flavor Oolong Double Slippers Tea

Trà Đôi Dép Oolong Nhất Vị

After being carefully selected from the Tra Doi Dep hills, the size of each tea ball is evaluated to choose the best tea buds. The quintessence from Nhat Vi Oolong Slipper Tea must be enjoyed separately, and is also the perfect gift for those who love Tea Double Slippers.

Oolong Essence Double Slipper Tea

Trà Đôi Dép Oolong Tinh Tuyển

Going through a rigorous selection process by skilled artisans, the flavor is sublime with each sip of tea.

Pure Oolong Slipper Tea

Trà Đôi Dép Oolong Tinh Tuyển

The excellent "full age" Oolong tea leaves imported from Taiwan, meticulously cultivated, gently harvested and meticulously processed will bring Tea Doi Dep lovers cups of tea full of flavor and aroma. "Indispensable"

When brewed, Oolong Slipper Tea will have a light, fresh scent, a beautiful yellow-green color, a mildly bitter taste, less acrid and especially a rich, cool and sweet taste that lingers on the tongue for a long time.

Therefore, it can be said that Oolong Slipper Tea suits the taste of many people, and is always classified as high-class and attractive to customers.

Love Tea is not just us

Tea is the substance that brings joy to the whole family

Bao Loc foggy city

Place This tea has been planted by many people

Ton first beloved worship

Vinh Brand reputation is at the top

Literature deepen your identity

Chemistry out into the world, everywhere

Tea Enjoy drinking with good friends

Vietnam That place is like a fairy on earth."

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