Tết doanh nhân là khi không thể thiếu nhau...

After a busy year of taking care of business and giving employees a full Tet, business owners and business owners just want to celebrate Tet simply and peacefully, spending time with their families. But for them, socio-economics - employees are also indispensable for Tet to be completely happy and meaningful.

Until next time, every year when we go through 12 months of busy work and life worries, we all eagerly look forward to the Tet season. Tet has long been considered a symbol of sacredness and anticipation during the changing seasons.

Tet is "indispensable" for businessmen to share with society

For workers, Lunar New Year 2023 is a rare time to rest and gather with family and relatives after a long year of hard work. Besides, for businessmen, Tet is a busier, more bustling day with year-end worries such as: Money, debt, Tet bonuses, dividends, meetings, New Year wishes... However, no matter how busy they are, they still try to put aside everyday worries and concerns to welcome a complete and meaningful new spring in their own way.

Tết doanh nhân là khi không thể thiếu nhau

The year 2022 has passed with so many challenges: The global economic recession or successive floods have pushed poor lives in the heart of the Central region. Simultaneously, from urban to rural areas, we are all affected by this series of difficulties and have to think hard to find ways to overcome them. When the weight is on our shoulders, we have the opportunity to see and understand more, we choose to give a helping hand to energize each other to live. Sharing hearts are not afraid that they will "lessen" and make all difficulties suddenly no longer a threat.

When Tet comes, Spring comes, while every day workers have to face the worry of "food, clothes, rice, money", during Tet, businessmen worry about the survival of their businesses. What is admirable is that they are always creative and try their best to overcome difficulties and affirm their position in the marketplace. As one of the business leaders, year-end work is like rolling businessmen into a spin with summary reports, projects, business strategies for the new year... And an indispensable part of the business. Businessmen's Tet is about volunteering trips, visiting, and giving Tet gifts to families in difficult circumstances in all localities.

The timely giving of millions of entrepreneurial hearts, no matter how big or small, has helped many lives overcome challenges and continue to look towards the future with stronger faith and hope. The spirit of sharing, not afraid of geographical distance, not afraid of the situation "you have a lot - I have a little", has always been strongly nurtured and inspired.

Tet is "indispensable" for businessmen to share with family

2022 is not a very successful year, Vietnam in particular and the world in general have experienced harsh forms of economic crisis, various fluctuations after the covid - 19 pandemic. But most of all, We have all learned to adapt, we have become more connected to each other and found love and trust after all the turmoil of life's changes and pressures.

Tết doanh nhân là khi không thể thiếu nhau

Who doesn't want to spend the next years of their life with their loved ones, living in love, away from all the chaos and hustle of life, having a family to rely on when they get old is happiness? great. “Family is like a tree”, each of us and even businessmen are like tree branches, growing in many different directions but still having the same root. The home that holds the family is the place that nurtures the soul and shapes our human personality.

No matter how busy or tired you are outside, home is always a place to return to. The house is a place to gather together, organize bonding activities with children, practice sports together, improve health together, turn on the TV to learn something new, watch a new movie. Businessmen's Tet is just that simple but indescribably peaceful.

So that in the future, and in the future, Tet will forever be a day that "cannot be without each other".

The last days of the year are like a 'low note' between the old year and the new year, let's give all our love and sympathy to each other. The difficulties and sorrows that come with the years will pass with the old year. The important thing is that we can still gather together and hope for a new year with new beginnings. Tet is for everyone, Tet is for yourself. If you are looking for a place to have fun on Tet for the whole family, why not get together Discover a very different Bao Loc when traveling in spring 2023?


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