1. Delivery method

After receiving confirmation of your order, we will quickly ship it to the customer as soon as possible. In order to create favorable conditions for delivery and goods to be sent to customers as soon as possible, please provide detailed house number, street name, ward, village, hamlet, group, area, hamlet, commune, town. town, district, district, province... in detail and accurately. We reserve the right to cancel unclear orders or are not responsible for late or lost deliveries, etc. due to you providing inaccurate information.

doidep Currently applying the following shipping methods:

Staff doidep Direct delivery to your home

(Applicable to some provinces and cities. Contact details: 02633921616)

Delivery by method:

Deliver directly to customers at the store

Delivery at the address requested by the customer

Commitment to delivery to your home and customers have the right to inspect the goods before paying the shipping unit. Please contact us immediately if there are cases requiring additional money and no home delivery.

Delivery charges: Free shipping on all orders

  1. Estimated time for delivery or service provision, taking into account geographical distance and delivery method

Delivery within the city:

Delivery time:

  • Delivery directly to customers at the store: Within 10 - 20 minutes
  • Delivery at the address requested by the customer: Within 30 - 45 minutes.

Delivery method: Deliver directly to the customer at the store or deliver at the address requested by the customer. We support flexible and safe payment methods for all Customers shopping at the App in the form of: Cash on delivery (COD)

You will be required to pay the full purchase amount at the time of ordering. We reserve the right to confirm your payment information before providing the Products. Before shipping, we will notify you of delivery time and charges. You pay the shipping costs yourself when you receive the goods.

  1. Geographic limitations on delivery or service provision, if any: None

Customers need to check the status of the goods, and can exchange/return the goods right at the time of delivery/receipt in the following cases:

  • The goods do not match the type or design in the order placed or on the app at the time of ordering
  • Not enough quantity, not enough sets as in the order
  • Affected external conditions such as: torn packaging, peeling, broken...

Customers are responsible for presenting relevant documents proving the above deficiencies to complete the return/exchange of goods.

Regarding notification time and sending returned products

Return notification time: Within 60 minutes from receipt of product, in case of missing accessories, gifts, or breakage

Return shipping time: product within 24 hours of receiving the product

Product return location

Customers can directly exchange/return products at our company stores

In case customers have comments or complaints related to product quality, please contact our customer care line: 02633921616

  1. Identify the responsibilities of traders and organizations providing logistics services for providing goods documents during the delivery process.

Obligations of the carrier

– Ensuring adequate and safe transportation of assets to the designated location on time.

– Deliver assets to the person entitled to receive them.

– Bear the costs related to the transportation of assets, unless otherwise agreed.

– Buy civil liability insurance according to the provisions of law.

– Compensate for damages to the lessee in case the carrier loses or damages property, unless otherwise agreed or otherwise prescribed by law.

Rights of the carrier

– Check the authenticity of assets, bills of lading or other equivalent shipping documents.

– Refuse to transport assets that do not match the type of assets agreed in the contract.

– Require the shipping hirer to pay the full shipping fee on time.

– Refuse to transport assets prohibited from trading, assets of dangerous or toxic nature, if the carrier

Obligations of the charterer

– Pay the shipping fee in full to the carrier on time and by the agreed method.

– Provide necessary information related to transported assets to ensure the safety of transported assets.

– Look after assets on the way, if agreed. In case the transport hirer takes care of the property but the property is lost or damaged, compensation will not be given.

Rights of the charterer

– Request the carrier to transport the property to the agreed location and time.

– Directly or appoint a third person to receive back the property hired for transportation.

Liability to compensate for damages

– The carrier must compensate the charterer for damages if the property is lost or damaged

– The charterer must compensate the carrier and third parties for damage caused by dangerous or toxic transported property without packaging measures to ensure safety during transportation. transfer.

– In case of force majeure leading to the transport property being lost, damaged or destroyed during the transport process, the transporter is not responsible for compensating for damages, unless otherwise agreed upon or by law. there are other regulations.


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