Located among the green tea and coffee hills, the resort system offers a strangely relaxing space - where there is only the sound of the sea, the cool air of the forest and the gentle scent of the mountain town. When the outside world is constantly moving, Tea Resort is like a peaceful oasis, dedicated to those who want to pamper themselves and relax their souls.

Tea Resort Bao Loc

Every vision is aspirational
Every moment is worth enjoying
Every holiday is a story
This is Tea Resort!

If you want to find a BALANCED - RELAXED place, Bao Loc is definitely the ideal choice because of the COMPLETENESS in EXPERIENCE, the balance of BODY - MIND - MIND full of tranquility with green space, sunshine and sea. and there was a gentle caressing breeze

Located in the heart of Bao Loc, Tea Resort is a famous health care tourist destination in the Central Highlands with classy relaxation services: Mud bath, Spa, unique highland sea bathing. With luxurious rustic architecture, it gives visitors an unforgettable experience of a place 

Chuỗi Nghỉ dưỡng
Chuỗi Nghỉ dưỡng

Tea Bobla Waterfall

Located on Highway 20, center of Di Linh town - Lam Dong Province, Tea Bobla Waterfall is as beautiful as a natural picture with a pristine, majestic waterfall over 40m high, over 20m wide, and a wonderfully embellished landscape. beautiful, preserving many ancient trees hundreds of years old, in the distance as far as the eye can see are cool green tea and coffee hills, a destination not to be missed in Di Linh.

Coming to Tea Bobla Waterfall, visitors can immerse themselves in the lush green space, enjoy the fresh, cool air of the Central Highlands, watch wild animals, and relax while feeding the fish. , or enjoy taking beautiful photos with "millions of virtual living angles"...Tea Bobla Waterfall is definitely the ideal place for sightseeing, weekend picnics, or team building for agencies and organizations...


Tea Resort Prenn

"Water has roots, trees have sources", the roots of the Vietnamese nation have been forged over time by the two words "compatriots", associated with the legends of Lac Long Quan and Au Co, associated with the state of Van Lang, the The first country in history was born and developed on the foundation of the brilliant Son Vi culture. 

Phoenix Mountain's children and grandchildren converge
Paying homage to Heaven and Earth, Father Lac Hong 
The river echoes with the sound of bronze drums
Thank you for founding the country, the Dragon and the Fairy

Located right at the gateway to the romantic Da Lat city, Tea Resort Prenn is a famous spiritual eco-tourism area of the Central Highlands with a majestic waterfall located in the remaining primeval forest in romantic Da Lat. And in particular, the tourist attraction converges because this is the famous sacred Hung Temple relic site located on the top of Phuong Hoang Mountain. Legend has it that this place was chosen as the land to set up the temple because of the Elephant kneeling - the Tiger prostrate - the Dragon hiding, the spiritual energy converges, the dragon vein protects the country with thousands of spiritual energy to ask for prosperity from the ancestors to pray for Luck for Lac Viet's descendants.

Chuỗi Nghỉ dưỡng