Welcome to the doidep app - created and owned by SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY. When you access our app, it means you agree to these terms.

The App may be changed, edited or adjusted to any content in the Terms and Conditions of Use and takes effect 5 days after the changes are fully notified and posted on the app.

Please read these Terms and Conditions of transaction carefully before ordering any products or services on doidep.

  1. Conditions or restrictions on the supply of goods or services

– To ensure fairness and benefits of customers as final consumers, doidep has the right to apply restrictive conditions in implementing promotional programs: no limit, limit on product quantity. Maximum products in each promotion that a Customer can buy, limits on the purpose of purchasing the product (only for consumption, not for business, resale...), or other limits ( if any) are specified in detail in each Promotion Program. These restrictive conditions are hereinafter referred to as the Promotion Policy.

Therefore, doidep has the right not to confirm, refuse, cancel or recall delivered products of Orders that violate any content in the Promotion Policy.

– doidep has the right not to confirm, refuse or cancel or recall delivered products of Customer Orders in some other cases at doidep's discretion without notice to the Customer.

  1. Goods inspection policy

When the customer receives the goods, SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY agrees to let the customer carefully check the product before receiving it. You should record a video during the process of opening the box to receive the goods and immediately give feedback to the delivery staff, our team will proceed to fix the problem for the customer.

If unexpected problems arise on the part of the Customer, SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY will flexibly support and resolve in the following cases:

  • Address is incorrect
  • Customer wants to schedule delivery

Force majeure cases such as natural disasters, traffic accidents, etc. SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY will always support and ensure your rights.

For any questions and suggestions, please contact us

Phone: 02633921616


  1. Return policy

To ensure the interests of doidep's customers, we always have policies committed to exchanging/returning products for customers, ensuring the best satisfaction in both product quality and service. .

Refund period

SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY will only refund the customer when SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY confirm receipt of returned Goods and no need to exchange for equivalent value

Method of returning or exchanging purchased goods

  • You can exchange the purchased goods while the delivery staff of SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY delivers and confirms at that time. However, you must keep the purchase voucher (invoice).
  • The product must be in the same condition as when SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY delivered the product to the customer, unused, unopened with box or tag, new 100% from the time of purchase & still in original packaging.
  • Products returned directly at the store where you purchased the product.
  • The renewed product will have equal or greater value than the previously purchased product. SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY does not refund money once the customer has purchased the product.
  • Returns will not be accepted if the products are part of promotional programs. In other cases, the decision will belong to SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY. Once the staff of SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY has carefully checked and accepted the condition of the returned goods, the exchange will be carried out automatically. dynamic.

Orders can only be exchanged/returned when the following conditions are met:

+ The product is still valid for exchange/return within 03 days (from receipt of goods).

+ Exchanged/returned products must be in new condition and have accompanying gifts (if any).

+ Reason for exchange/return must be valid. doidep does not accept returns/exchanges for reasons of dissatisfaction or dislike.

In case of valid exchange/return:

+ Broken or broken: If upon receiving the goods from the shipper, the customer checks the product and confirms that the goods are broken, doidep will assist in exchanging the goods for the customer immediately afterwards.

+ Not as advertised

+ Wrong goods delivered.

+ Missing goods delivered.

Reason for exchange/return Return conditions
Still new Still sealed Full accessories, gifts, packaging, warranty card Still intact There are still labels
Broken tank × × ×
Not as advertised ×
Delivered wrong goods ×
Missing delivery × ×

How to get your money back

In case the customer returns the product, after doidep confirms that the product meets the requirements in the return policy, we will refund the payment cost directly into the accumulated points system of the user account to deducted from subsequent purchases or the customer's bank account provided via the switchboard, etc.

Refund cost

Return delivery costs will be fully paid by the buyer to the delivery side. Doidep does not have a policy to recall goods eligible for return at the address provided by the customer.

  1. Product warranty policy

Warranty Policy         q Have   þ Are not

Products are coffee and tea, including: regular coffee, Oolong tea, squash instant tea, purified water, .... No warranty support

  1. Service standards, service delivery processes, fee schedules and other terms related to service provision

Selling real products, no advertising

doidep is an app that helps buyers use products of SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY, not a platform to advertise products or booths of other sellers.

Respect each other

We want to build a safe and civilized customer base so that everyone can enjoy the joy of mobile shopping (No need to go directly to SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY's store).

Keep a good “purchase history”.

To receive many promotions for loyal customers, do not forget to maintain regular purchases, do not "bomb" goods, receive goods on time and minimize unnecessary cancellations, order returns and refunds.

Say no to selling fake and counterfeit goods

doidep commits to only listing genuine items for sale because listing fake or counterfeit goods is a violation of the law. In case the customer gives feedback, SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY will re-investigate and in case the feedback is verified to be correct, there will be compensation for the customer, a correction will be made and the items will be deleted. this out of the system.

Service provision process (Specified in the app instructions)

SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY – is the owner of an app that directly sells goods

Other providers are not allowed to participate in providing services on the app

Form/method of participation: Through signing wholesale/retail contracts with goods suppliers, SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY directly picks up goods => transports them to their warehouse and delivers them to buyer.

SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY directly collects goods prices from buyers/service users and is responsible for issuing invoices to buyers/service users.

Goods suppliers are not allowed to participate in pricing or working, collecting fees from users, nor participating in directly posting or creating stores on the system. The products are posted entirely by SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY because the goods have been imported to the warehouse.


The fee schedule for each item will be published on the app, buyers can directly see the product price and decide "Yes" or not to agree to buy and add to the order.

Other provisions

  • Acceptance of Conditions of Use

When using the doidep app of SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY, you implicitly accept the terms and conditions of use (hereinafter referred to as "Conditions of Use") specified below. To stay informed of the latest modifications, you should periodically review the “Conditions of Use”. doidep has the right to change, modify, add or remove the contents of the "Conditions of Use" at any time. If you continue to use the app after such changes, it means you have accepted those changes.

  • Nature of displayed information

The content displayed on the App is intended to provide information about coffee and tea products, including: popular coffee, Oolong tea, squash instant tea, purified water, ... about the promotion program of the company. SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY.

  • Indemnity

The information displayed on this App does not come with any warranty or commitment of any kind from SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY, express or implied, including but not limited to the suitability of products and services that buyers have chosen.

SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY also disclaims responsibility or guarantees that the app will have no operating errors, be safe, uninterrupted or have any guarantees regarding the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information. display information.

When accessing this App, you automatically agree that SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY does not bear any responsibility related to injuries, losses, lawsuits, direct damages or indirect damages due to unforeseen circumstances. before or in consequence of any kind arising out of or in connection with:

(1) use the information on this app;

(2) connection accesses from this app;

(3) Sign up to receive emails;

(4) Whether SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY will provide services even if it has been warned about the possibility of damage;

(5) restrictions regarding online ordering described herein.

  • Conditions and restrictions The above is only valid within the current legal framework.
  • Intellectual property rights

This App and all arranged and displayed content are owned and are the exclusive property of SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY. Any use or quotation must not cause damage to SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY and must comply with the following conditions:

(1) For personal, non-commercial use only;

(2) Copies or quotations must retain all copyright marks or intellectual property rights notices as shown in the original version;

(3) Any products, technologies or processes used or displayed in this App may be subject to copyright or other intellectual property of SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY.

  • Adjust and modify

SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY reserves the right to change, modify or terminate the operation of this App at any time.

  • Governing law and dispute resolution bodies

These Terms of Use are governed by the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The Court of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is the sole agency with authority to resolve all related disputes.

  • Scope of application

The conditions below apply specifically to the online ordering function at the App. When using the function to place an order, you automatically accept and comply with all instructions, terms, conditions and notes posted on the app, including but not limited to the Conditions of Use stated. here. If you do not intend to purchase online or do not agree to any of the terms or conditions stated in the Terms of Use, please STOP USING this function.

  • Conditions for using the online ordering feature

The online ordering feature is for personal and non-commercial use only. You are not allowed to modify, copy, disseminate, transfer, display, operate, reproduce, publish, license, create links, transfer or conduct business from the information, software, products or services obtained from online shopping features.

The online purchasing feature will help you look up information and complete the purchase of products and services properly. However, if you abuse this feature, you may be denied access or use.

You must affirm and warrant that you are of age when using the online shopping function to ensure compliance with the Conditions of Use stated herein and have sufficient rights and capacity as prescribed by law to Enforce behavior related to the use of this feature. You accept financial responsibility for all uses of the App by yourself or any individual or organization using the booking information.

  • Regulation of prices and fees

Total payment amount includes taxes and fees payable by the customer

  1. Obligations of the seller (SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY) and obligations of the customer in each transaction


  • Notify the app to the Ministry of Industry and Trade that the app provides e-commerce services;
  • Build and publish information on the app: Unit information; Instructions for using the app; Information on general trading conditions; Privacy Policy; Information about payment methods; Complaint resolution policy; Delivery and shipping policies; …
  • Require buyers using the app to provide at least relevant information when registering for an account.
  • Store registration information of members using the app and regularly update relevant changes and additions;
  • Prevent and remove from the app information on the list of goods and services banned from business according to the provisions of law;
  • Remove from the app information that violates the app's regulations/other laws when detecting or receiving authentic feedback about this information;
  • Provide information and support state management agencies to investigate business practices that violate the law using your app;
  • Provide information about your business situation when requested by a competent state agency to serve e-commerce statistical activities, inspection, examination and handling of violations

Obligations of the customer (buyer)

  • Provide complete and accurate at least one of the following information: Full name, Phone number, password, email to register an account;
  • Read and understand the operating regulations, terms and conditions of using the doidep app service and services provided through the app before registering an account and using the service, and read and understand the terms and conditions Use the service when receiving notice of changes or adjustments to operating regulations, terms and conditions of using this service. A member's use of the service or continued use of the service is considered to mean that the member has read, understood and agreed to the operating regulations, terms and conditions of using the App service and services provided through doidep. ;
  • Be solely responsible for the security, storage and all use of the service under your registered name and password;
  • Promptly notify SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY of any unauthorized use, abuse, security violations, and retain your registration name and password so that both parties can cooperate in handling it;
  • Commit to the information provided to SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY being accurate and complete and to keep your information on the doidep App updated, accurate and complete;
  • Take sole responsibility for the content, images, personal information and other information, as well as the entire transaction process through the doidep App;
  • Cooperate and provide necessary information to doidep to resolve arising disputes;
  • Provide information about transactions when requested by competent state agencies;
  • Comply with legal regulations on payment, advertising, promotion, intellectual property rights protection, consumer rights protection and other relevant legal regulations when operating on the doidep App;
  • Commit and agree not to use App doidep's services for purposes that are illegal, unreasonable, fraudulent, threatening, illegally probing information, sabotaging, creating and spreading viruses causing damage to the system, configuration, transmission of information of doidep or using the services of SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY for speculative purposes, creating fake service orders, market manipulation, including serving for predicting market needs. In case of violation, members must be responsible for their actions before the law;
  • Commit not to change, modify, copy, propagate, distribute, provide and create similar tools of the service provided by SANDALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY to a third party without the consent of Company;
  • Do not act to discredit App doidep in any form, including but not limited to, causing disunity between members by using a second registered name, through a third party, or propagate and disseminate information that is not beneficial to the Company's reputation;
  • Provide your personal information when requested by a competent state agency to serve e-commerce statistical activities.

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